Amazing Skincare Hacks Using Coconut Oil


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If you're interested in beauty, the chances are that you've heard all about the remarkable powers of coconut oil. But just what exactly can this gift of nature do for you?

Coconut oil is actually a key ingredient in a high number of natural beauty products. It's no surprise. After all, coconut oil is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which it uses to strengthen your hair, hydrate your skin - and so much more.

It is inexpensive - and it's entirely natural. It also smells great and is antimicrobial. Moreover, it's armed with a skin-soothing agents which leave your pins feeling properly hydrated.

Let's take a look at these amazing beauty hacks using coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Can Soothe Dry Hands

Parched hands can be a bit of a nightmare, but coconut oil is a simple and powerful remedy. Nowadays, I always keep a jar of coconut oil next to the kitchen sink. After I've washed my hands with soap and water, I add the oil to keep them moist and smooth. Cooking with coconut oil is even better, as it makes for an excellent alternative to butter. As you cook, add a little dab to your hands. You're really killing two birds with one stone. You're cooking and moisturising your skin. Win!

Coconut Oil Makes A Great Face Mask

Although at room temperature coconut oil is a creamy solid, it turns into a liquid when it's heated beyond 75 Fahrenheit. To make your own face mask out of coconut oil, melt the oil in your shower by running a jar of it underneath the warm water.

Coconut Oil Works As A Fab Cheekbone Highlighter

Tired faces are tired faces. They drain us, make us feel weary. Sometimes, they stop us from leaving the house because we don't look at our best. After all, we can't let our crush see our tired face! A little bit of highlighter is perfect for perking up a tired face. However, rather than relying on store-bought products all the time, why not apply a dab of coconut oil instead? All you need to do is sweep smidgen of the stuff on top of your makeup before leaving well alone. It imitates your skin's colour, but makes it glow. If you prefer to use store-based products, try and find one which uses coconut oil as a base.

Coconut Oil Works As A Fab Body Oil

Another one of amazing benefits of coconut oil is that its texture is such that it makes for an excellent body oil. All you need to do is apply a smidgen of it to your skin as soon as you get out of the shower. For optimal results, add a pinch of lavender or peppermint oil and massage into your skin.

Use Coconut Oil To Shave Your Legs

It's likely that you shave your legs with the help of a store-bought shaving cream. But not only are these creams expensive, they're also rich in ingredients that could actually be pretty harmful. Not to scare you or anything, but do you really know what any of those chemicals listed on the tube actually are?!

Coconut Oil Can Prevent Wrinkles

One of the best beauty benefits of coconut oil is that it can help prevent wrinkles. Wrinkles love dehydrated skin. Keep them away by hydrating your skin using coconut oil. Target problem areas, apply your coconut oil banish the ageing process to another day (year!).

Coconut Oil Works As A Deep Conditioner

Another one of popular beauty benefits of coconut oil is that it can work wonders as a deep conditioner for hair. If you've ever checked your usual conditioner's list of ingredients, you'll probably have noticed that it contains coconut oil. This is because coconut oil is better than either sunflower or mineral oil at penetrating your hair, thereby limiting protein loss.

I always rely on coconut oil for my skin and hair when it comes to deep conditioning. All you need to do is apply a pinch of it to your hair before combing. Then, fix your mane into a loose bun before covering your pillow with a soft towel. Go to sleep, before shampooing in the morning.

Coconut Oil Is An Ace Lip Balm

How annoying are chapped lips? Very! Chapped lips can lead to cracked lips - and even sores, and bleeding. It isn't pretty! Chapped lips, though, don't stand a chance when they're up against coconut oil and its super hydrating properties. All you need to do is scoop out a pinch and apply it to your lips. Perfect!

Coconut Oil Is Good For Removing Eye Makeup

Removing eye makeup is often the biggest chore that a girl has to undertake in the evening. Nobody really wants to do it - it's hard work! Coconut oil is fab because it can even remove waterproof mascara. I suggest putting a dab of organic coconut oil on a cotton ball, before gently applying to your eyes, making sure that you cover your under-eyes, too. The coconut oil then beaks down waxy eye makeup, hydrating the area in the process. Once it's all down, you can rinse your face.

Coconut Oil Softens Cuticles

One of fabulous benefits of coconut oil is that it can soften cuticles. All you need to do is apply a pinch of coconut oil to your cuticles a few times a day for awesome results. Try not to overdo it, though, as things could get messy.