Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Baby Instead Of Lotion?


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When it comes to multi-use products, coconut oil is high on the list. It can be used as everything from a hair conditioner to a high heat cooking oil. Plus, it smells heavenly. If you're already a bit obsessed with coconut oil, then you may wonder whether it's safe to use on your infant. For instance, can I use coconut oil on my baby instead of lotion?

In a word: yes. According to New Health Advisor, coconut oil can make a great replacement for baby lotion or oil. A light coat can help protect your baby's skin and keep it moisturized. Just warm up a dab of it between your palms and massage it on your baby. Voila - your baby is moisturized and kissed with a sweet tropical scent.

Using coconut oil as a baby lotion is an easy way to get yet another use out of your favorite oil and cut back on baby care costs in the meantime. But the many ways coconut oil can amp up your infant's care regime don't end there. In fact, you might be able to replace a whole host of baby products with one jar of coconut oil.

For instance, plenty of caregivers use coconut oil as a diaper cream. As noted in My Health Tips, coconut oil's antibacterial properties may help ward off diaper rash. Plus, unlike many commercial diaper creams, coconut oil is safe to use with cloth diapers. At the very least, you can use coconut oil in a pinch if you run out of regular diaper cream.

Does your baby have cradle cap? It's coconut oil to the rescue. As noted in Belly Belly, applying coconut oil to your baby's scalp may help treat the characteristic scales of cradle cap, thanks to the oil's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. If nothing else, your baby will get to enjoy a pleasant scalp massage.

Though coconut oil is a great home remedy, you should consult a pediatrician for professional advice if you have any serious concerns about your baby's skin, such as a rash or other irritation. Otherwise, you and your little one can rely on the sweetly scented power of coconut oil for a multitude of skincare needs.