Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair


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1) As a Conditioner

Unlike most commercial hair conditioners full of harmful chemicals, coconut oil is a fine hair conditioner that would suit all types of hair.

Many people around the world where coconut was native have been using this natural chemical-free oil for years for good reasons.

Most commercial conditioners tend to work from outside in, but coconut oil is a deep conditioner which works from the inside out where it penetrates the hair shaft and nourishes it with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Apply some coconut oil on your scalp and massage to stimulate blood circulation while coating your entire hair with it. Now wrap a towel or wear your shower cap and leave it for 1-2 hours. You can then rinse your hair and wash it with shampoo.

The longer you allow coconut oil to penetrate the better, so you may also leave it overnight for best results wrapping your head with a towel, cloth or wearing a shower cap to protect your pillows and clothing.

2) Remedy for Hair Loss

According to a study done on three types of oils on the effect those had on hair, coconut oil was the only oil to be found that would remarkably protect damaged & undamaged hair from protein loss.

Coconut oil consists of saturated fat which has lauric acid that shows a lot of harmony with hair proteins and is able to penetrate the hair shaft [7].

As you massage your scalp with this natural conditioner, it stimulates blood circulation and may stimulate the regrowth of damaged hair.

3) To Fight Dandruff

Dandruff can be caused due to dry skin, using shampoo too often, fungus, bacteria or as a response to hair care products.

The medium-chain fatty acids with lauric acid and capric acid in coconut oil tend to provide a solid protection against fungus, viruses, and bacteria that could be the cause of dandruff.

By using coconut oil you can keep your scalp healthier, protect against fungus, bacteria or virus and reduce dryness by moisturizing to put an end to dandruff.

Follow the steps we discussed using coconut oil as a conditioner above.

4) Hair Detangler

If you have long, curly or thick hair, then you may experience knots, tangles resulting in frizzy, puffy hair with breakage & split ends. That’s a struggle no one likes to deal with but that’s where coconut oil, a champion detangler can come to your rescue!

Unlike many other commercial detanglers with harsh chemicals providing short-term solutions, coconut oil is much better as a long-term option as it moisturizes and repairs hair damage, besides working as a detangler.

Use your fingers to remove the tangles while applying the oil towards the ends of your hair. You can easily do this by separating your hair into four parts on your scalp. You can then comb your hair with a wide comb to straighten further. When one part is done tie it gently and repeat the same steps for another section.