• Your oil has helped me so much!

    I just had to thank you....I am sort of in tears. Your oil has helped me so much with my dry eyes....I have pain and swelling from dry eye and I have been using your oil around my eyes day and night and the relief it has given me is tremendous. You don't say anything in your ads about how this helps dry eye syndrome but I just wanted to tell you that and thank you...feeling sort of emotional....I love your product. xxoo Sues

  • THE BEST!!

    My mom got a jar of this coconut oil for me because my nails had been so brittle and damaged due to years of SNS/gel manicures. The change with my nails has been awesome to experience (literally saw a significant difference within 1 week!) It's been a couple months now and my nails are healthier than ever and I use it for everything. I'm currently in my last trimester and my skin has become really sensitive which caused bumps all over my face after a recent waxing appointment. Solution? OCO! I applied some to the affected spots and within 24 hours all the bumps were gone. Now I recommend this tiny miracle jar to everyone! Thank you!!

  • The Best I Have Ever Used!

    This product is the best coconut oil I have ever used and I have been using coconut oil on my face and body for 7 years!! I can feel its purity and I can put it anywhere I want with confidence.. The people of this company have high integrity as well and are very kind. They went above and beyond in solving the little issue I had. As a Certified Nutritionist I would tell anyone to try this coconut oil. It is so good for your skin! Thank you OCO! - stargal

  • OCO Is Amazing.

    A friend gave me some when I was going through chemo and my skin was completely dried out. It truly works, my skin is so healthy and soft. Love this product! - PP

  • Coconut Oil Perfection

    This coconut oil is the best on the market, I use it to take off my makeup (including eyes), and to put into my hair and moisturize my skin. It smells so delicious that you seriously want to eat it. Do yourself a favor and purchase it ASAP. Best beauty treatment ever! -- SFG

  • Worth it!

    I've tried many brands of coconut oils. This is the best one I have come across. Love it! Worth it! - JF

  • Love it!

    Love it... makes your skin so soft.....


  • Such great quality...

    This is the best coconut oil out there. It does come in a small container but you don't need to use much at a time. I use it to take off my makeup, to help my eczema, to moisturizer my hair...it works for so much and it's such great quality.


  • Beautiful Product

    This is a beautiful product. I am amazed at the improvement of my skin. I live in the desert so my skin gets really dry and OCO makes it feel so soft and nourished.


  • Great product for pregnant women

    The only ingredient listed - raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil. Perfection. So far I am nothing but pleased with this product. I could not wait to receive this product so that I could try it out. I just received it on Saturday and have been using it every day since. I did not open the box immediately when it arrived, so the box sat in my air-conditioned house for several hours before I opened it. When I finally opened the box, the plastic container had a sealed plastic coating underneath the screw-top cap. When I peeled back the plastic seal, the contents inside were in solid form. The container did come with a removable plastic seal that is supposed to go in between the plastic screw top and the container with the oil. However, I do not use this as the container does not leave my bathroom and there is no worry of the oil melting and leaking, so I can not speak to the usefulness of this seal. I can, however, speak to the product itself. While the oil is in solid form, it is still easy enough to apply some pressure to the substance to extract it from the container and use. It is an oil, of course, so when applied it is a bit greasy. The application is very smooth and it seemingly absorbed into my skin right away. I have used it on my face, arms, legs and have found my skin to be much more supple after its use.

    Mandy T.

  • Loved it so much

    Started with only one jar of this. Loved it so much, I had to reorder 6!


  • Great product. Applies easily and never greasy

    Great product. Applies easily and never greasy. Only kind I will buy now.


  • Nice moisturizer

    I really like this coconut oil. It glides on easily and smoothly with a very slight coconut scent. It makes my face feel soft and smooth.


  • OCO is the best!

    Best coconut oil ever. I've tried less expensive brands but they don't compare to OCO. Its a great moisturizer and cosmetic remover all in one. Love it....

    GG B.

  • This stuff works

    The most enjoyable oil I ever used.

    Maria G.

  • Great Moisturizer!

    I have very dry skin and I have found that by using this product I am experiencing fewer flakes than normal. Can't wait to see the improvement to continue. No unpleasant odor either. Who doesn't like the smell of coconut!


  • I have been very pleased with the results and in fact will use it ...

    I was advised by my breast cancer oncologist to try coconut oil as part of a regimen to combat vaginal dryness without hormonal products. After looking at the various options I decided to try OCO. largely because it is just coconut oil without other ingredients. I have been very pleased with the results and in fact will use it for other moisturizing purposes than the one I purchased it for. Excellent product!

    Charlene A.

  • Great Product!

    Great product, I use for skin care everyday. - LM

  • Great Moisturizer!

    Love this as my new facial moisturizer! My son as eczema and reacts to steroid treatment. So, now we keep the eczema in check with this product as well as DermaZinc therapy soap. Recommend-YES!

    Zeta T

  • Great for Body & Hair

    Great for the body and hair! I love the silky softness of this brand. - Amy C




  • Great Product For Pregnant Women

    5 stars - great product. Would recommend for pregnant women. Smells good (and this claim came from my wife who has otherwise been highly sensitive/intolerant to any kind of smell in general) and no negative side effects.

    Daily use of this product has resulted in no stretch marks at 6 months.


    This stays in my bathroom. Great moisturizer, stops frizzes in my hair, use to shave my legs when they are dry. Perfect!


  • Great Product

    great product. love the light smooth oil. received in timely manner with no issues. plan to purchase again and again. thanks!

  • Five Stars

    Best product for breastfeeding.

  • The Best!

    This coconut oil is the BEST!! - S.R.

  • High Quality!

    I love the high quality product.- Susan T

  • Excellent!!!

    This is excellent coconut oil. You can use it anywhere to soothe and/or moisturize. I will continue to order it in the future. - N.C.

  • 5-Stars!

    Perfect!! Goes on easily and absorbs quickly.

    N. Miller